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May 10, 2010

Our House

For those of you who don't already know yes we got a house and we are totally completely in love with it :) Kinda funny story we weren't exactly ready to start looking but last thursday while i was at work Nate texted me saying that he had found this cute little house with a yard that would be perfect for us we didnt know if it was going to be in our price range but we thought we would go take a look. Our landlord luckily was at the house and let us come in and look around we were VERY interested. We filled out an application and he got back to us the next day letting us know it was ours we moved in that monday!! So in one short weekend we saw it, got it, and our now living in it. Packing isn't exactly my activity thankfully it wasn't a long process we are already completely moved out of our apartment and fully unpacked in our new house :) Here are some pics..
I was going to add pictures of the inside but since i've already added a bunch and this post will  be huge i figured when i finish all my decorarting plans i will compare the two on here :)