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April 14, 2012

Bountiful Baskets

We just got back from picking up our third bountiful basket so far we love them. A good majority of my grocery bill is produce and well there aren't coupons for produce. A lady standing in line today said it felt like she was gambling because of the excitement of never knowing what you are going to get! Our plan right now is to get one every other week we don't quite need one every week since it is alot of food! Our first basket we got did have a couple items go to waste (yams) because of the crazy unplanned week that came up with Nate being sick and me picking up as much side work from my dad as I could. We ended up eating very random meals. I am excited for our menu this week. This week we got brussels sprouts Nate and I have never had them before and I'm not sure what I am thinking about it I don't even know how to cook them!! I am ready to see what the next trip has in store for us! We have been on a mexican food kick so hopefully something along those lines!!

April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

This year i was the slacker bunny... Ok more along the lines of Easter just was not in the budget! Last week Nate missed 2 days of work he was soooo sick! We've been together 3 years and this is the first time i have EVER seen him sick like that!)  I worked my little guts out at my dads house earning as much extra money as i could. But my money income doesn't even compare so what Nate can bring in during that time frame. We did plan on dying some Easter Eggs but i feel asleep before we got around to it ( i am such a great wife arent i) We did get ourselves some scripture journals from the Red Headed Hostest if you have not read her blog you SHOULD she is wonderful! Maybe one day i will be a better E.B. (from Hop) maybe having some kids will make getting in the Easter Bunny mode a little easier!

April 5, 2012

Aileens Baby Shower Cake

Aileen is one of my cute co-workers from the inbound department. She is a doll! We were all so excited for her when she found out she was pregnant! (even though she was in denial for quite some time) Her and her husband struggled for a LONG time on picking a name for this little babe, but finally agreed on Ethan just about a week or two ago. ( to my knowledge at least) They did toss out some cute names that we all agreed would have been soooo darling. But she is so cute and wanted to please all the grandparents and family members. I am just glad the little babe finally has a name!!

So like normal there is always some tragedy that happens when making this cake. This time i had totally FORGOTTEN about this cake until like 9 pm Sunday night.. I normally bake the cake 2 nights before the event and pop it in the freezer. The day before the event i pull out my already frozen cake and do my magic. (magic HA! used for lack of a better word) So that way it is already finished on the day it is needing to be ready, its just a matter of delivery and final touches. But since i was in slacker/procrastination mode, it was a longer journey since i had to bake, cool, and freeze in a shorter amount of time. AND to top it all of i decided it was finally time to get over my fear of homemade fondant... GUESS WHAT?! It paid off I finally figured it out! I will NOT be buying store bought expensive fondant anymore!! I guess the determination of not wanting to go into debt over making a client cake is good will power!