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October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

Happy Halloween

October 21, 2013

Fall Fun!!

Cornbellys for date night.
Fall is my FAVORITE time of the year and sometimes Nate just gets dragged along for the ride! For the most part he is a good sport at letting me have all my fall fun! Although he has told me that i take Halloween way to serious.. I am okay with that! Hopefully one day my children will appreciate it!

Had my first HOMEMADE CARAMEL APPLE attempt... As you can see trial one was a big fat FAIL!!! I tried the Giada recipe from that i had watched her make on her show.. well hers looked better.  Then researched some tips and tricks and apparently cheap caramel unlike Giada's advice is not the way to go.. Peter's Caramel you are my new favorite! But since i am a perfectionist and i like my treats to not only taste great but looks great i needed a confidence booster so here are Sugar Cookies. 
This was my first try ever doing outlining and flooding with Royal Icing. Other than my arm wanting to fall of by the end i was pretty happy with my results!

I was also able to go to Hee Haws with my Mom and sisters. We had lots of fun! Even though it was cold and only my mom and I wanted to be there... 

April 25, 2013

My Kind of Luck

Have you ever been in the drive-thru at the bank and wondered "what if/can the tube could get stuck?" 
The answer is YES it can. How do I know WELL.... it happened to ME! 
Yes i was in the drive-thru at the bank needing to get some cash back ( not the normal $20 you can get from the ATM) So i filled out a withdrawal slip put in my drivers license and sent the tube into the teller. A moment later a lady got on the screen but not the normal... questions like.. "are you Katelyn?" "is there anything else you need?"...ect... She mentioned that the tube HAD NOT COME THROUGH, that she was going to try to send it back to me and i would just need to resend it. I waited a moment NOTHING she popped back up "ANYTHING?" NOPE! We tried this back and forth for awhile, even putting in another tube to try and knock it out of place but NOTHING WORKED! They mentioned it had never been stuck that bad and that they would need to call a maintenance man..
Meanwhile my DRIVERS LICENSE is in that tube.. Obviously with my awesome luck right now the first thing that crossed my mind was that i would get pulled over, and have to give this ridiculous story to a cop EXPLAINING why i did not have my license on me....Thankfully i never got pulled over.
 The bank called later that day saying that had got it out but BANK HOURS are AWFUL so i had to wait to get it back! 
 Sometimes things happen that you never thought could happen!

March 7, 2013

It's Contagious!

Everything Thursday my work treats us to lunch. This week was my turn to pick up we had all agreed on Costco pizza. Since i was paying with a work card i needed to stand in the forever long line just to pay. This sweet tenderhearted woman in front of me noticed that i didn't have a cart and  i wasn't holding anything, and urged me to step in front of her. Knowing she had a cart that in my eyes wasn't that full polity i declined knowing that she was there before me. She then encouraged me to step ahead of her again telling the cashier that it was my turn at this point i couldn't refuse and accepted her kind gesture. As i was walking out the exit i ran into her again and thanked her that it was very nice of her she smiled and replied i would hate to be stuck behind me with my giant cart. I smiled back as she walked away i'm sure not knowing how much that little kind gesture meant to me. Its definitely contagious though on my way to my car i complemented two random strangers and got to see their smile too. I'm sure to some people this was just such a simple thing but for me today it was perfect.

February 16, 2013

Valentines 2013

Normally for Valentines we do a mini SLC vacation. 
This year with other things going on it just wasn't in the cards. But that doesn't mean it still wasn't great! ( long as we don't discuss the events leading up to it... and the almost canceled holiday..... but we wont talk about that.... )

Nate sent me a delicious Edible Arrangement which was perfect because the night before i was not feeling very well and food didn't sounds great. But FRUIT really hit the spot.

Nate had been going back and forth all day if he wanted to keep our dinner reservations or do it on another date... because of me not feeling well and he had a sore in his mouth making it hard to eat normally...... 

We did end up keeping our reservations and we ate at Market Street Grill and Nate had purchased us movie tickets for Safe Haven. 
I was excited!!!
Mr Nate is a little movie ruin-er though!!! Okay i wouldn't call him a ruin-er that is a little harsh but he has this ability to know exactly what is going to happen! My sister saw the movie at a different location and called me after and both of us were SHOCKED not sure how he had it all figured out!

Thanks for seeing Safe Haven with me... even though i know you secretly enjoyed it ;)

January 12, 2013

My New Years Resolution!

Since we have been married i have been pretty good about decorating for HOLIDAYS. That is UNTIL we decide that we aren't going to be staying at our current apartment for as long as planned. As soon as that happens all decorating is done, i might as well put everything in a box... SERIOUSLY.
 Sooooo... that being said i have never been able to get any of our places to be completely decorated with NORMAL decor.
So that is my goal for the year.. To make our house a home. To actually use the book shelf as a book shelf and not just a storage unit.... To hang more than just a cluster of pictures... To CHANGE the pictures so its not just wedding and engagement photos. Luckily for me i have Pinterest on my side and i can get plenty of inspiration so i can attempt to stay on budget!
Other goals include; catching up on our yearly photobooks, trying new things, possibly adding a member to the family, and being a better at writing in my journal both scripture and personal.

January 11, 2013

Welcome 2013

Nate had plans to go ice fishing on New Years Day, so i made plans with my sister. We decided to go to the AQUARIUM! Is there a better way to jump start the new year?? I THINK NOT! It was nice to have a sister day and some what escape reality. We both love the aquarium so we felt right at home. She even made me touch a shark! Yes i touched a shark in UTAH!