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January 8, 2011

Finished Kits

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These are the kits and projects I just finished i will post more cause i am working on them all the time its pretty much an obsession!

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day 2010

We spent Christmas Eve at Nate's moms house. This year she wanted to do it differently because Christmas is supposed to be about celebrating the birth of the savior, but lets face it when we all wake up Christmas morning its more about "what did ya get me??"  So she decided that on Christmas Eve we would have an olden time meal like Christ would of had with grape juice, fish, fruit, bread that you couldn't use a knife with.. and candle light.. he didn't have electricity so we couldn't either.. Then after dinner we did the NATIVITY those Jensen boys make things pretty entertaining!
Christmas morning Nate and I woke up and opened our presents from each other. Sadly Nate knew basically everything he was getting because he had to go buy it himself on Black Friday because I was so sick!! :(  But he got a Cabelas Hunting Game, Lego's, binoculars, jeans, and camo duffel bag, and his FAVORITE a new TV. I was spoiled this year Nate surprised me with a CRAFT ROOM!! I got a sander, laminator, craft supplies, boots, slippers, and Despicable Me movie.
After we opened our presents Nate set up the tv and jumped right in playing his hunting game he got to level 6 that day.. thats half way through! We headed over to my moms house to visit with family and eat YUMMY FOOD! My Stad (step dad) Brent made a south west Christmas feast!
    We headed over to Dave and Alexis' to see how there Christmas was when we got there Isabelle came running down the stairs saying FINALLY YOU GUYS GOT HERE! All in all it was a wonderful Christmas.

Snowmobiling for Christmas #1 2010

This year Christmas with my dad was Snowmobiling in West Yellowstone. Unfortunately the whole family wasn't able to be there but we sure had fun with the ones the were! Friday Nate, Madison, my Dad and I took lots of trails all day since we were the only ones up there. Yellowstone is soooo cold! It was NEGATIVE 9 like the entire time plus wind from a snowmobile... not so great combination! Saturday everyone else that was coming had arrived and we walked around the corner to meet with our guide to go through yellowstone. It was really pretty and COLD. We saw lots and animals and OLD FAITHFUL even though it was hard to see because it was so cold so all you could really see was steam. Sunday we had a prime rib dinner and opened presents as a family. Most, ok all of our presents were from Michelle and my Dads recent trip to HONG KONG. Nate and I were both very grateful for the things we were given and for the time we were able to spend together with my family.