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February 16, 2013

Valentines 2013

Normally for Valentines we do a mini SLC vacation. 
This year with other things going on it just wasn't in the cards. But that doesn't mean it still wasn't great! ( long as we don't discuss the events leading up to it... and the almost canceled holiday..... but we wont talk about that.... )

Nate sent me a delicious Edible Arrangement which was perfect because the night before i was not feeling very well and food didn't sounds great. But FRUIT really hit the spot.

Nate had been going back and forth all day if he wanted to keep our dinner reservations or do it on another date... because of me not feeling well and he had a sore in his mouth making it hard to eat normally...... 

We did end up keeping our reservations and we ate at Market Street Grill and Nate had purchased us movie tickets for Safe Haven. 
I was excited!!!
Mr Nate is a little movie ruin-er though!!! Okay i wouldn't call him a ruin-er that is a little harsh but he has this ability to know exactly what is going to happen! My sister saw the movie at a different location and called me after and both of us were SHOCKED not sure how he had it all figured out!

Thanks for seeing Safe Haven with me... even though i know you secretly enjoyed it ;)