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November 13, 2010

Crafting Addiction!

OK so it took me forever to finally find my niche that wasn't going to cost me a forchen! I really wanted to do cakes and probably still will on request it just costs to much to have it as a hobby unfortunately :( But since i started working at Crafters Corner in American Fork I am really loving those kinds of crafts! I'm really good at it and I enjoy doing it. Its doing things like painting wood kits and adding embellishments onto them to make them just right.. I LOVE seeing the finished products and knowing I did that! I'm currently working on a cute Welcome sign crafts each month there is are different dangles that hang from it! It is so cute I'm excited to finish is and get it up! This month for November the dangles are a TURKEY, a PIE, a LEAF, a PUMPKIN, and a CORN. It kinda sounds funny but it is so cute! When I finish it I will post a picture! Decembers is cute as well but I wont spoil that for a little while :)

November 9, 2010

My 20 Birthday!! ( and Recap of 19)

OK for those of you who don't already know BiRtHdaYs have NEVER been a super big deal to me.. well in our household on November 2... here is why we have 3 BiRtHdaYs that day.. ME  20 ... My Dad  51. and my sister Brianna 5.. So its hard to make a big deal that is YOUR day... When really it is there day too..

So last year ( my 19) was the first BiRtHdaY Nate and I had been together for and he was determined to make it a great one! I was in school and he was traveling for work every week some how he managed to be home that week for my birthday. It was hard having him gone so honestly all I wanted for my birthday was for him to be home and to be with me. It was a Monday so I didn't have school so he had 2 of my friends entertain me all day they took me to Brick Oven and made them sing to me!!! ( Its on facebook FYI) Then they hung out with me until Nate got home to cook me a surprise dinner. He even decorated the house!

This YEAR was even better! (and not just because he is home ALL the time!) Nate had been asking me what i wanted, and  what i wanted to do on my birthday for a couple weeks!!! I had alot of time to plan I finally decided I wanted dinner at home and to go to a movie.. sounds simple.. but it was beyond perfect!! I slept in and went to work for a couple hours. Nate's mom stopped by shortly after i got home to give me some head band and a card with some green in it :) Even though I didn't know that until Nate got home.. He got home and let me open the rest of my presents he got me this GORGEOUS heart necklace and a black pea coat :) just what i wanted. We played games made dinner, got a death by chocolate cake from Costco with raspberries and then headed to the movie we saw "Life as we know it" it was really cute.

Birthday dinner at my moms house wasn't until thursday because I had work on Wednesday night. Brent aka Stad made his yummy pasta and we had salad and rolls. They gave me more presents which I was very grateful for! A new colorwonder coloring book (mine is filling up) birthday sented bubble baths and a gift card to Hobby Lobby one of my new favorite stores! My dad gave me some birthday money I feel pretty rich..

I think I'm starting to enjoy birthdays again. So THANK YOU Nate your plan is working! And I am no longer a teen.. goodbye..i don't think i will miss you..