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September 30, 2011

Anniversary 2? Check!

Friday after work i headed over to Home Depot ( i had to try really hard not to type homo depo) to pick out a GRILL for Nate's anniversary present! I was going to try and surprise him but him being him the surprise was ruined with all his questions! He got his gift a couple days early so he could enjoy it for the BYU vs UTAH game that we invited his brothers over for.
Monday morning I didn't have work until 10 am and I hadn't gotten a text from Nate all morning long i was starting to get sooo bugged, i went into the kitchen to get a drink and sitting right there was a page long note Nate had left on the counter for me! All day i was trying to come up with something that would give him half of the giant smile he gave me and i was stumped! The instructions he gave me that morning were : " After work come straight home and start making dinner don't go anywhere! But you can stop at the grocery store first if you need too... " So that is what i did i stopped at smiths and picked up and couple things and forgot some.. and headed home to make our yummy anniversary meal! Spinach Artichoke Cheese Fondue, Lemon Chicken Pasta & Chocolate Peanut Butter Fondue! Nate came home to yummy smelling food and a handful of flower and the stool i have been begging for, for months! Since we still don't have our table back from refinishing it at Morgans we had a picnic on the floor and watch Xmen First Class. It was perfect!

September 26, 2011

Anniversary Year 2!

We just had our 2nd anniversary which meant our YEARLY St. George trip! We left Thursday after noon and stopped at that same cute diner in Beaver. We stopped in Cedar City for the night we had booked a room at the Travel lodge but when we got there the hotel was REALLY run down and scary looking. So we drove into the city a little more and stayed at the Quality Inn. The next morning we tracked down some power bait and headed up to the pond! The fish were keeping us busy!! Nate set up my pole and before he could even walk back to his i had a fish i was reeling in! We ended up catching 11 fish in the hour and a half we were there! 7 Katelyn and 4 Nate ( I won) 

When we got to St George and got to our room they had put us in a room with 2 Full sized beds apparently they were really booked that weekend and that's all they had... ( it was a very squishy night!)  We are used to our Queen bed even though i would LOVE a king! Friday night we are at Samurai 21 we got some sushi and hibachi, Nate even tried a sushi and LIKED it! Even though it had NO raw fish in it.

Then we headed to the Tuachan to see The Little Mermaid, I absolutely loved it! While we were there they announced next year will be Aladdin! Nate and i were so excited because we were torn between the 2 shows the were scheduled.. The wizard of oz and Hairspray.. now it is decided! Saturday morning we heading to Vegas to do some shopping i really wanted to go to the H&M store. I ended up buying more clothes in the shops in St George so i will remember that in years to come. We were also awful about taking pictures this year :( Hopefully we can start getting better about that we havent taken pictures with each other in a VERY long time!