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December 29, 2009

Our Christmas Cruise (FINALLY)

This year for Christmas we went on a cruise with my Dad and Michelle and all the family and their special someones.. Our cruise went to Roatan Honduras, Belize , Costa Maya Mexico, and NCL private island in the Bahamas.
It was a super crazy Saturday when we left our flight was supposed to have everyone on it and we were all supposed to be making our first stop in JFK, NY but because of their massive snow storm that hit they had to mess around with every ones flights. We all were supposed to end up in Miami well.. we all ended up in Orlando in a hotel room for the night, and had to wake up the next morning and drive to Miami. But because of the amazing large number in our group it was actually cheaper to take a giant Escalade Limo than to rent enough cars for everyone to fit in. So we road in style :)
Honduras this was our first stop on the cruise it was a super rainy day and the plan was to go on an extreme zipline. The bus ride was kinda long... but when we got there they got us all harnessed up and put helmets on us which they told us when we piled into these small vans to go to the top of the zipline that they were for that car ride which i completely believe it was the most extreme off roading i have ever done, we even got stuck and ended up walking the rest of the way. At the very end of the zipline is where we met Nates monkey friend that wouldnt go to anyone else but him he basically claimed Nate as his property (he was a gay monkey) it made sense lol by the end of the visit with the monkey we pretty much wanted to bring him home with us

In Belize when we got off the ship we went and found a Cave Tubing Guide and told them we were gonna be a min because we needed to find the missionaries that were waiting for us we brought toys for the kids in Belize and brought them for the missionaries to take. The Guide was more than happy to help us he even went and got them for us. Then we were on our way we were headed to go Cave Tubing. So we hoped on a bus a drove for about 40 min. We stopped at all local convenient shop Nate got a Coke and i thought i was getting a Diet Coke but it was pretty much a Coke Zero :( When we got there we got in our swim suits got our tubes and hiked about 2 miles to our entry point in the river. Everything was beautiful! and cold.. being inside a cave meant there was no sun so it was pretty chilly. i wish we had pictures of some of these gorgeous caves but since we were in water it didn't work out that way.

Costa Maya Mexico, this day we were supposed to go out on two little boats and snorkel for awhile and then that boat was going to come back and one was going to stay out so the boys could go fishing. The water was REALLY choppy that day so for some it turned into a beach day which i was more than happy about! :) Nate, my Dad, AJ and Tiffany's husband Brent all decided they were going to go fishing anyways. Apparently Nate and Brent got a little sea sick they did catch one fish though my dear sweet hubby caught a lovely barracuda. When they got back and Nate felt a little better we went shopping on the walk way of the beach. Nate had fun talking people down with Trevor they were a pretty good team :)

NCL's private island, i wish i could tell you all about this fun private island but to be honest i didnt even get off the boat this day because it was rainy and cold.. we did stay and play with Austin and Madi on the slide Austin was loving that. Austin made a new friend with Nate him and Madi we going down the slide with him. I was going down the slide so slow i think the little kids were starting to yell at me.. lol

All in all it didn't feel like Christmas but it sure was alot of fun :)


December 14, 2009

a very christmas weekend


So this year my dad invited Nate and I on a cruise with my entire family so since we wont be home for Christmas we decided to have it a little early... and well basically Sunday was our best choice because Nate's work schedule is so crazy this week... at least i cant complain to much he will at least be home every night and is getting 40 hours of overtime.. We spent the weekend getting ready for Christmas it all started on Friday when Nate came in to get a much needed hair cut from me.. he got a call from his boss saying that his Christmas bonus was in and that he could come pick it up at 3.. :) that night was date night :) just like most Fridays we did dinner and a movie one of my favorites Chandler and his girlfriend Andrea joined us it was really fun. After the movie Nate and i were walking around the mall cause we remembered we hadn't found our Christmas ornament yet this year, we want to make a tradition to get a new one every year.. well we found one so we are off to a good start!! ( we got it personalized too)
Saturday while i was at school Nate got the rest of my Christmas done, since he is gone all the time i was able to get his done really fast without him being here to see it or ask where i was. That night was my moms Christmas party we made yummy Peanut Butter Balls to take over and fun little gifts for everyone. We got my sister the Elmo Tickle Hands which everything Elmo she calls Nemo? At least she has to MO??? lol The Christmas party was alot of fun the food was delicious and my mom gave wonderful Christmas presents! Nate was so grateful and excited about his $100 dollar gift card he received ( thanks mom!) It obviously got Nate in the Christmas mood cause on the way home Nate wanted to have our Christmas that night.. didn't happen i stuck to my guns that it was going to be in the morning. I woke up at like 430 and was ready to go i figured Nate wouldn't quite be ready though hahah so when i tried waking him up at 5 it didnt work so well... we finally got up at about 7.All i n all we had a wonderful fake Christmas weekend Nate did a wonderful job on my gifts and he claims i did that same. Cant wait for out cruise next week! I still think its sad that I'm REALLY super excited cause i get to have a full week with Nate its been a very long time since i have had a full entire week though.. we are doing lots of other fun stuff that i will take pictures of and blog about when we get home :)

December 7, 2009

the Hair Mishab..

so Saturday i had a full busy schedule my sister Madi came to school with me and she was up first to get her hair cut. Followed shortly after was my mom we were doing a full horizontal slice weave. After that I was supposed to have a Shampoo Set which i was kinda nervous about i haven't done one of those on a live head yet... so my sisters haircut went well and i set up for my moms.. she wants to put in a 10N 30 vol. and a 7N 20 vol. it would have made a beautiful color... unfortunately the 10N didn't lift at all.. which made no sense because directly from the book it should have over lifted.. so not giving my first client exactly what they wanted let alone my MOM! i kinda felt really uneasy about it and i wanted to know WHY. i asked all of the learning leaders and they could NOT give me a reason they said it should have worked.. so i called Mindi my hairstylist (who is AMAZING) and she explained to me that the only reason that would have happened is my developer had processed. that the lid had probably been left off and the chemicals weren't able to lift it because it had been previously processed. I felt awful that my first mistake had to happen on my mom.. Thanks for being a trooper Mom! :)

November 30, 2009

One truely interesting saturday night..

Saturday morning Nate got up and made french toast for breakfast but instead of the usual having me get up and help him he told me to hurry up and get in the shower and get ready so we could go watch football... i didn't think we were heading up to Austins house until like 2 cause the BYU vs Utah game didn't start until like 33o no we left at like 123o.. we watched a lot of football.. lol after the sad loss on Utahs part we headed back home and made some turkey sandwiches for dinner and decided that we wanted to go see a late movie and kinda have a date night we tried to find another couple to go but it didn't work out with anyone. The movie started at 1010.. we thought maybe we could get through it knowing we usually are in bed and asleep before 12.. we really are an old married couple.. 123o comes and the movie still isn't over but Nate cant keep his eyes open anymore.. hahah i was good i was basically half asleep all day so i think that was playing to my advantage..we decided to leave early and come home not finishing the movie it was a dollar movie by the way.. when we got home and walked in the door it smelt sooo strongly of weed! we couldn't decide if we wanted to just call and leave a message for our landlord or call the cops it took us awhile and a good buzz to decide to call the cops the smell was soooo strong we aren't sure what went down with the neighbors and the police but we got a pretty good apology letter on our door yesterday... its now a fact we definitely live in the ghetto.. and Nate is gone almost all week every week.. i think my life is in danger!!!!

November 27, 2009

Our First Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving morning Nate and I headed up to West Jordan where he had a turkey bowl with some of this old friends after causing a few bruises and gaining a few the game was over and we headed back down to our humble abode in Orem. Where we made Corn Flake Pudding something Nate is very fond of and accustomed too... to me it looks like applesauce with cereal in it.... We ate dinner at my Dads house this year where to me it was a perfectly normal thanksgiving with all the normal food.. for Nate it was missing a few things.. apparently things like pickles, olives, creamed corn and boxed stuffing is more in his range.. he calls it his redneck thanksgiving :) After dinner we helped Michelle and Dad receive I think the lowest score they've ever gotten in Hand & Foot. Thanks also to AJ and Leola for helping them get that score :) We ended the night off with the Jazz game that Nate's buddy invited us to we made it just in time :) PS they won!!
Nate finally let me put up the Christmas decorations today I think I've been asking for a good two weeks! We have a good start but still have a ways to go.. dunno how much of it will actually get done to be honest.. at least im pretty much done with my Christmas shopping which im happy about well at least for Nates stuff. :) I finally figured out the perfect gift! Now i just hope he thinks its perfect!

November 22, 2009

Sunday Breakfast... almost

So this morning when Nate and I woke up he started talking about this pastry that his mom used to make for him it was this rapberry danish. We tried calling around to get the recipe from someone even resorted to looking up a different one online.. I was getting super excited it sounded sooo good! Then the day dreaming over raspberry pastries ended when we remember that our oven is BROKEN... :( sad day

November 18, 2009

About Us

I'm Katelyn Sovine Jensen. I'm 19 and I am a full time student and Paul Mitchell the school I'm excited to be doing what I'm doing and glad I picked a career that I can go and have fun every day :P My husband Nate and I got married September 19, 2009 in the Oquirrh Mountain Temple and I couldn't be happier! Being a wife is a whole new experience there is a lot I still need to learn.. but I'm loving everything about it. Nate is almost 22 and works full time for a company called B2 Air Systems he has to travel every now and then for work.. well right now its more all the time but its not always like that. Nate loves sports just like any other guy so we spend a lot of time at my dads house ( we don't have TV) watching a lot of baseball, basketball and football.. okay who I am kidding if its on ESPN we watch it :) Nate played baseball all through high school and has been playing on a league out side of that since then.. I found a new love for baseball this summer going to all of his games. I laughed the other week after school and work we went over to the park over by our house and played catch and then took turn pitching for each other. The next day I was so sore! My ribs hurt to just laugh, and my arms felt like jello! Those are definitely muscles i was not used to using!

Brief run down on how we met and became Mr. & Mrs. Jensen we met when I was a sophmore in high school he was dating my friend and well we didn't get along AT ALL. So that couple years later when we were chatting on facebook I was kinda sceptical about going on a date with him but really it was one date not a lifetime commitment.. I had nothing to loose from it. Well that one date did turn into a lifetime commitment haha..He asked me to be his girlfriend about a week and a half later.. 2 months and 10 days after our first date on June 25 he asked me to be his wife :D I obviously wasnt that little sophmore girl he remembered and didnt like, but he wasnt the same guy either. I never thought in a million years that I would have married Nate but I am soooo happy I did he is the greatest thing that has happened to me I love him more and more every day and I really dont know what I would do without him :D

November 17, 2009

Im horrible at keeping people updated with things that happen with Nate and i or well with basically all things in general so i thought maybe a blog would be fun :) Nate and i are pretty entertaining and lots of fun things that we either say or do needs to be shared in a better way than facebook so i will give blogspot a shot :P