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April 25, 2013

My Kind of Luck

Have you ever been in the drive-thru at the bank and wondered "what if/can the tube could get stuck?" 
The answer is YES it can. How do I know WELL.... it happened to ME! 
Yes i was in the drive-thru at the bank needing to get some cash back ( not the normal $20 you can get from the ATM) So i filled out a withdrawal slip put in my drivers license and sent the tube into the teller. A moment later a lady got on the screen but not the normal... questions like.. "are you Katelyn?" "is there anything else you need?"...ect... She mentioned that the tube HAD NOT COME THROUGH, that she was going to try to send it back to me and i would just need to resend it. I waited a moment NOTHING she popped back up "ANYTHING?" NOPE! We tried this back and forth for awhile, even putting in another tube to try and knock it out of place but NOTHING WORKED! They mentioned it had never been stuck that bad and that they would need to call a maintenance man..
Meanwhile my DRIVERS LICENSE is in that tube.. Obviously with my awesome luck right now the first thing that crossed my mind was that i would get pulled over, and have to give this ridiculous story to a cop EXPLAINING why i did not have my license on me....Thankfully i never got pulled over.
 The bank called later that day saying that had got it out but BANK HOURS are AWFUL so i had to wait to get it back! 
 Sometimes things happen that you never thought could happen!