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August 26, 2012

A Mouse Filled Night

Nate drew an archery deer tag this year in the same area as his family cabin so the past couple weekends have been dedicated to this.. BUT this weekend was different.. The weekend before Nate had gone on his own because Aunt Flo decided to make an early arrival and i was not up for peeing in the woods.. He came home late saturday and all was well. This past weekend Nate and i went together we left right after work and spent that night hanging out with family at the cabin. When it came time for bed we headed back up to our Trailer that was parked at the top of the canyon/hill whatever you would like to call it. We were about to start a movie when i saw this little mouse head pop up out of the stove.... surprisingly i did not scream. I somewhat calmly told Nate that i saw a mouse. We waited not sure what to do and then right as we thought maybe it would be ok the mouse climbed out of the stove and ran across our bed! We started freaking out hitting it with wood and basically whatever we could get our hands on! We decided we would just start our movie and try and forget about the stupid mouse. I was EXHAUSTED because of Wicked the night before, and all i wanted was SLEEP! I was basically asleep when Nate just decides he cant take it and wants to sleep in the truck. OK... well that lasted all of 5 min before we decided that this was ridiculous and we packed up and drove home in the middle of the night. Mouse 1 us 0 

August 24, 2012

A Night At The Capital Theatre

I had the opportunity to see WICKED! Nate's little brother Caleb spilled the beans that they had an extra ticket, so without hesitation i called up my Mother in Law Janet and asked her if she had already given it away! To my surprise she called me back a day later saying that she would love for me to join them! I was so excited i could barely sleep! All i can say is WOW! It was AMAZING!! I am so grateful i was able to join them on this great night out!