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June 20, 2010

"Future" Fathers Day

For Nate,
       I know you aren't a father yet but I wanted to take a moment to tell you how excited I am that I GET to be the mother of your children and how grateful I am that they get to have a father like you! The truest HAPPINESS in life is shared with the ones you LOVE and in our life together you will give me a lifetime of SMILES, LAUGHTER, TRUST and TENDERNESS and more happy MEMORIES than i can even begin to count. You'll always be the most important person to me because you'll always be the ONE I LOVE.

                       Forever yours.. Katelyn

Strawberry Days

This weekend in Pleasant Grove was Strawberry Days it includes a Carnival, Parade and of coarse a RODEO. Nate and I had a blast! Nate got home from school early since it was test day so we headed over to the carnival and he won me a cute little monkey. Friday we got to borrow Nate's old bike from Clark so we took a long bike ride and rode a couple rides at the carnival but mostly just drove the bike around.. wow i miss that bike!! Saturday we took Nate's brothers to the rodeo with us we had a blast Nate and I LOVE the Rodeo! 


This weekend Nate's good friend was getting married in Denver so we thought we would take a little weekend get away and drive out there. Little did we know it would be raining the ENTIRE time. The drive took longer than expected because of the HUGE amount of rain, that basically didn't ever stop down pouring on us. Well and the fact that the drivers from Colorado have no concept of the purpose of the left lane....Besides the obvious set backs Nate and I had some good laughs. We played the tunnel game where you have to hold your breathe the entire time you are inside a tunnel.. Yea Nate's a little cheater pants!! He would purposely try and make me lose! One tunnel was REALLY long and he could tell that he wasn't going to make it so he stepped on the gas harder and I couldn't help but laugh!! Pretty sure by the end of the drive Nate and I were starting to see things because we swear we thought we were seeing a lake but the closer we got we realized that it was a giant blue building.. wow I guess you would of had to of been there... To end our trip we have both decided that neither of us would ever want to live in Colorado or Wyoming.. Utah may be better than we thought after all.

Lake Powell 2010

Lake Powell was amazing it was SUPER hot... unlike here.. Nate and I spent plenty of time doing fun water activities. WaveRunning, Tubing, Swimming, Nate did some WakeBoarding. We played lots of cards with the family which is always fun cause Nate and I win :) Nate did alot of driving around the boat while Madi Lola and Natalie tubed behind us they were pretty fun to watch. I didn't lay out nearly as much as I usually do which was shocking... but all in all I was sad to leave the sun and come home to the not warm weather here in Orem but I am excited to start hanging up pictures around my house since they finally arrived :D Gotta love DIY projects :)