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January 12, 2013

My New Years Resolution!

Since we have been married i have been pretty good about decorating for HOLIDAYS. That is UNTIL we decide that we aren't going to be staying at our current apartment for as long as planned. As soon as that happens all decorating is done, i might as well put everything in a box... SERIOUSLY.
 Sooooo... that being said i have never been able to get any of our places to be completely decorated with NORMAL decor.
So that is my goal for the year.. To make our house a home. To actually use the book shelf as a book shelf and not just a storage unit.... To hang more than just a cluster of pictures... To CHANGE the pictures so its not just wedding and engagement photos. Luckily for me i have Pinterest on my side and i can get plenty of inspiration so i can attempt to stay on budget!
Other goals include; catching up on our yearly photobooks, trying new things, possibly adding a member to the family, and being a better at writing in my journal both scripture and personal.

January 11, 2013

Welcome 2013

Nate had plans to go ice fishing on New Years Day, so i made plans with my sister. We decided to go to the AQUARIUM! Is there a better way to jump start the new year?? I THINK NOT! It was nice to have a sister day and some what escape reality. We both love the aquarium so we felt right at home. She even made me touch a shark! Yes i touched a shark in UTAH!