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October 15, 2011

Hunting Year 2

Well its that time of the year again Nate's Elk Hunt! Nate was lucky enough to draw for the same location as the Jensen Cabin AGAIN?! So Thursday night i baked and cooked and prepared for the trip! Pizza Rolls, Taco Soup, No Bake Cookies, Rolo Cookies! We picked up Glen's four wheelers packed our stuff and headed for the cabin. We got a big surprise, LOTS of SNOW!! It was FREEZING!! Sadly Nate did not get his Elk while we were done there but he does have a chance to get a deer when he heads back down in 2 weeks! Dont worry we took like one picture... I am good i know! From my phone and it wont upload... Nate on the other hand LOST his phone! 2nd one in like a month the first one we washed in the washer because he forgot to take it out of his pocket before he put it in the hamper... And now this one! We were lucky with the first and had an extra one i had saved in case something like this happened... BUT i did not plan for it to happen twice! So we found a cheap one on amazon and hopefully it will work!