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March 7, 2013

It's Contagious!

Everything Thursday my work treats us to lunch. This week was my turn to pick up we had all agreed on Costco pizza. Since i was paying with a work card i needed to stand in the forever long line just to pay. This sweet tenderhearted woman in front of me noticed that i didn't have a cart and  i wasn't holding anything, and urged me to step in front of her. Knowing she had a cart that in my eyes wasn't that full polity i declined knowing that she was there before me. She then encouraged me to step ahead of her again telling the cashier that it was my turn at this point i couldn't refuse and accepted her kind gesture. As i was walking out the exit i ran into her again and thanked her that it was very nice of her she smiled and replied i would hate to be stuck behind me with my giant cart. I smiled back as she walked away i'm sure not knowing how much that little kind gesture meant to me. Its definitely contagious though on my way to my car i complemented two random strangers and got to see their smile too. I'm sure to some people this was just such a simple thing but for me today it was perfect.