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January 1, 2014

New Year - New Goals - New Changes

2013 has come to an end and i must say i am not very upset about it..... i am ready for 2014 and the new challenges and trials that come with it.... BRING ON 2014

Attend the temple regularly at least once a month.. this is only 12 TIMES  which is very doable.... so i am adding another part to this one! There are currently 13 operating temples in Utah so i think a goal of visiting 6/13 this year isn't shouldn't be to hard right? (when i told Nate about the different temple he said "Why only 6?" well 6 are in a reasonable distance plus St George since we are planning on taking Madi to The Little Mermaid this summer anyways so we will already be there.

  1. Mount Timpanogos
  2. Oqurrih Mountain
  3. Salt Lake
  4. Provo
  5. Draper
  6. St George
  7. Jordan River
  8. Logan
  9. Vernal
  10. Manti
  11. Monticello
  12. Ogden
  13. Bountiful

Budget meetings!!
        To keep us both always informed.. a budget does no good if you both aren't on the same page.
Be DEBT FREE minus our mortgage and car loans.
Save money for a rainy day and a HOUSE

New Callings
Nate was released as my co-teaching partner for Sunday School 13-18 class and called to be the Assistant Scout Master. I was informed that i would be doing a life sentence in Sunday School and they had no plan on releasing me anytime soon.. (Nate said its karma for always making him teach..... so now i have to do my time)
I on the other hand and making a new goal to rededicate myself to my visiting teaching calling! Nate has always been good about doing his home teaching so i need to do the same!