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November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving Celebration

Sometimes i am awful at taking pictures when i need to..... I thought it might get easier since i have been die hard into Shutterfly lately... but NO.
Thanksgiving this year was with my Dad so i don't have a fun nervous story of me trying to figure out how to make some tasty Thanksgiving necessity. Nate got up early that morning to go hunting, and Molly and i hung out in bed and watched the Macys Day Parade. We got up to the Sundance Lodge/Cabin my dad had rented about 1 and we ate dinner about an hour or so later. Since the whole family had traveled in from all over my Dad & Michelle planned on doing Christmas the same weekend. Everyone stayed at the cabin from Wednesday - Sunday. ( except for Nate and I who travel to and from each day) They planned games and activities for each day that included prizes! It was fun to spend time with everyone since we aren't able to see them very often. It did make Nate and I want a Pool Table and a Ping Pong Table we spend lots of time enjoying both. Maybe one day when we don't live in a double wide trailer.
Of coarse i went BLACK FRIDAY shopping!! I couldn't convince Nate to go to Walmart with me ( not that i blame him) So my dear friend Rachel was more than happy to join me, and man was she a good pick for that venture! She was FEISTY got in and got exactly what she wanted! Since she was amazing and came with me i headed over to Target with her. Target was ALOT more organized it just took longer to get into the store but once you were it was WAY easier! I got a good stock of movies and BOTH locations.. After that we split ways and i went to pick up Nate for Kohls which was really the only places i have even planned on going to. Nate had fallen asleep so when i went to wake him i told him to hurry and get dressed so we could go.. to my surprise he pulled back to covers and was ready!..... he had gone to bed completely dressed!
My list was pretty straight forward at  Kohls so we did the usual divide and conquer. Nate was supposed to get his list and head straight to the register LINE. Which he did NOT!! hahah He thought the line wasn't very long.... ( he wasn't looking at the right line)  So i found something in the jewelry counter so i could check out there, it saved us about 3 hours in the check out line and it was WORTH IT! My planning paid off for the most part, i only went over my budget by about $30. BUT it did make it so i got one more Kohls CASH soooooo it was really like only going $15 over but i have other rewards too..... SOOOO if you really think about it i was UNDER BUDGET!!!!

November 5, 2012

Katelyn's 22 Birthday

So since on my birthday i was on a strange doctored order diet that included no sugar or glutten and a few other odd things. 
i decided i wasn't going to make my cake... on my birthday. 
I have a baking addiction so i couldn't just go without, since i have been planning my cake for a LONG time i will post pictures when that actually happens! 
My actual birthday was great Nate took me to dinner and a movie and it was great just to spend time with him!