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January 26, 2012


My Moms dog Jose had a litter of adorable puppies! She is a Golden-Doddle and the Dad is a Lab-Doddle so they are adorable little puppies. Nate and I found one that we fell in love with! He was so cuddly and just like a little baby! Nate even named him Remington we called him Remi and Chubby. But my mother didn't love me enough to keep him at her house for SOLD him.. So here is a post of remembering my adorable little (once was mine) puppy..
These puppies were GINORMOUS they were way to young to be eating big dog food

When ever you walked into their room you would get attacked it was super cute they were like little piranhas

This our Remington cute, fat, and lazy.. :)

January 20, 2012

Smiths 1/9/12

Is it sad that my trip to the grocery store has become one of the highlights of my week? Sometimes of my month, since i don't go weekly?...

When i do my trip i am planning my entire month of food plus all my coupon items.. We budget $200 a month for groceries and couponing items. This trip i had a full list of all the things i needed plus a separate list of all my coupon items.. Luckily my food list was MOSTLY fresh fruits and veggies and a couple other loose odds and ends ( which added up ) BUT my coupons were all in order! We collected all of our items and headed to the register. Nate and i started making our bets, of what we thought the total would be. i could tell Nate thought we were going to be over budget. It didn't help that by the time everything was scanned it was showing 341!! I even panicked a little when i saw that! After we scanned our Fresh Values and handed her my stack of 50+ coupons all valued at a $1 or more we just watched the numbers go down and down. All the way down to 141. That is $59 dollars UNDER my budget and i am OK with that!
Spent $66 on groceries for the month & $75 on my coupon items
All of my couponed items would have been $195 which means on that alone i saved $120 with coupons and items being on sale.

Our haul included..
7- Old Spice Body Washes
7- Olay Body Washes
7- Secret Deodorants
14- Old Spice Deodorants
7- Boxes of Tide
7- Herbal Essence Hair Spray
8- Covergirl eye shadows

Our haul!

The receipt went down to my knees!!

Gracie loves when we make little forts for her!

January 7, 2012

Isabelle's 4th Birthday!

My adorable niece Isabelle turned 4 yesterday and i was lucky enough to be able to make her birthday cake for her.. The theme was pink princess so here is what we came up with....
It was thrown together really quick and i did learn some valuable lessons.. Letting someone else bake the cake is AWESOME but.. Don't just assume they know what your brain is thinking if you need 2 of each you need to tell them and not just assume they make cakes in their sleep like i do. Luckily i was able to figure it out without loosing all the height of the cake! Looks pretty cute for a short afternoon of work.

January 3, 2012

Year in Review 2011

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