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June 15, 2012

Summer fun

We took my sister Brianna to Strawberry Days again just like we did last year! Brianna's gold fish Bowser that she won herself last year had died about a week before while they were in Blue Water, New Mexico. She was very excited to win herself a new fish. She reminded my mom almost every day that it was a carnival fish and wasn't supposed to last that long but it did! Brianna was extra BRAVE this year she wanted to ride the FERRIS WHEEL, even though she was scared of heights she still wanted to! She did discover this year that she really enjoys the expensive carnival games MORE than she likes the rides. She wanted to win herself a fish, we bought one bucket of balls for $5 and she won herself 2 fish!! She named them Carrot and Cookie, sadly Carrot only last one night. Brianna wanted to feed her to the cats but my mom suggested that flushing her down the toilet would be a better option. We let her play one more carnival game after that she picked the Dart Balloon game she did a great job and won herself a little dinosaur all by herself, she was very proud of that. Nate even broke some bottles and won her a cheetah stuff animal, she was a little confused why he picked up the balls the through them and not her... After melting at the carnival we headed to our pool! Brianna was a little scared at first since she has only been in swim lessons for a couple weeks now but we got her a floaty and she had a great time. She decided that swim lessons were no longer fun because with us and her floaty she could go to the deep section and for her that was alot more fun!
Friday night we FINALLY went to the Drive In movies even though we kept changing our minds a thousand times if we were going or not. Nate forgot our pump for our air mattress but was determined to be comfortable he started blowing it up himself! I was pretty impressed he got it pretty full in the 30 min he had before the movie started! I was amazed people packed GIANT LOVE SACS in their cars for the movies. What is nice is all of the showing are double features! We saw Madagascar 3 and What to Expect When you are Expecting. Nate basically slept through the entire first movie, but thats ok he was tired. I have not stayed up that late in a VERY LONG TIME! Shockingly i was not as tired as i thought i would be today i may change my opinion on that tonight while we are at the rodeo but we will see.

So Nate and i feel asleep after i got off work on Saturday before the  RODEO. We woke up at 7:20 which is 10 min before it starts Nate jumped out of bed and rushed over. Sadly it was packed! We tried to stay as long as possible but we had HORRIBLE seats so we finally gave up and went to the carnival. THANKFULLY the Lehi Rodeo has assigned seats even though we were there plenty early! Its always fun to see Trevor in the Rodeos especially when he does well. He took 2nd that night and 3rd over all. 

June 11, 2012

Summer To Do LIST!

Summer to do list!
           Drive in movie                                                   Carnival
Baseball game
Float down Provo River
Ice blocking
Date nights!
                            Living room sleep over
Snow Cones
                                          Water Balloon Fight
7 Peaks

June 10, 2012

Worst luck in the world

I am seriously beginning to think Nate and i have the absolute worst luck in the world! Guess what happened to us AGAIN!? Yep you guessed it... OUR FREEZER went out.. pretty sure we had just refilled it too. Not a very happy us right now!

June 8, 2012

Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year

Congratulations to my wonderful Dad on winning the 2012 Entrepreneur of the Year award in Manufacturing and Distribution for his company Action Target! I was so honored to be able to attend this award ceremony and share the excitement with my family as we watched our hard working Dad win the award! No one deserves it more than you! He will attend Nationals in November and compete against other winners from the other states! GOOD LUCK! 


June 5, 2012

Our First Payson Lakes Trip of 2012

We had our first Payson Lakes fishing adventure of the year. Nate wasn't even done putting his pole together by the time i pulled out my first fish! ( i had 3 before his pole was ever in the water) We had a fun night catching fish with his little brother Michael. The night ended with the score of:
Katelyn: 8
Michael: 5
Nate: 3
(guess my pink fishing pole really does work)

June 4, 2012

Lake Powell 2012

This trip was a little different than other years because of our Disney trip and Nate's week of school that followed the trip i went down WITHOUT him! Now before you all panic he did join me for the weekend! I left Tuesday after work to head down with my family, and Nate planned to drive down on Friday morning once he finished work to spend the weekend with me. I was really nervous to go down without Nate he is my other half! The ride down DEFINITELY had its bumps in the road.. LITERALLY! We lost a bag on the drive down i saw it through the passenger side window and NO ONE believed me!! It look me like 5 min to convince everyone else in the car what i had seen! My step brother Tanner was in the car behind me and luckily saw the bag and stopped to pick it up. When we all finally got back on the road just as we got back up to speed we BLEW a tire! Worst luck ever?!.... I think so! It was entertaining to watch my uncle get stuck in the McDonalds Drive Thru and end up walking to rest of the way.We finally got to Antelope Point around 2am and still had to unload some of the coolers into the fridges. I was not a happy camper by the time i finally got to bed, since I had not slept at all on the ride down.  Wednesday was definitely lonely without Nate everyone had there buddy and I was all by myself, so I stole my nephew Treyson to be my buddy.  Nate was able to tell me Tuesday night when I called to tell him we survived the car ride that he was coming down THURSDAY!!! It was soooo great to see Nate. I felt like I had been away from him forever! I'm sure the fact that he has been working nights and then spent his day off doing yard work at his brothers house did not help! I was soooo ready for some Nate time and i got it!! We caught up on some super hero movies that we had not seen thanks to my brother. (shocking?! I think not..)
Nate caught himself a toothless piranha also known at a Bluegil. Which later became my brother little pet.. AJ was playing by the water and this fish would not leave him alone! It kept coming back at one point he said he could feel it tugging on his swimsuit DEFINITELY a PIRANHA! Sunday morning we got up early to go to RAINBOW BRIDGE my dad was sure I had been there before but I didn't remember it.. And we have been going to Lake Powell since I was 12 so I think I would have remembered it if I had. After our choppy waved voyage and my dad taking us down these narrow...  I dont even know what to call it I should probably have Nate write this part because I am traumatized and have nothing good to say.
    The drive home was really entertaining, lets just say we have obviously spent lots of time in the car lately. All in all it was a good trip but like all trips not long enough!