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March 18, 2010


For my sunbeams class on sunday the lesson was about trees, plants and flowers and how Heavenly Father created them. Since they are sunbeams and have a very short attention span and don't really sit through anything.. i planned a couple of fun activities. We planted lil' seeds into cups and went down the hall to water them. Since flowers don't grow in the blink of an eye, I cut out paper flowers and little circles to glue into the center and got a straw that we would tape them too so they could stick into inside their cup so they would have a flower to look at. :) The kids loved it and it was alot of fun. Nate decided when he stopped by to see if i still had my sanity that we should plant one too. If ours could grow anyones can and look!!!

March 9, 2010

Winter Fun..

Nate's 22 Birthday :) this year for Nate's birthday we had a couple close friends and family over and we made homemade pizza and played Canasta it was exactly what he asked for :) And i made his BIRTHDAY CAKE
We went Shot Gun Shooting one saturday this winter. Nate thought it was ironic that my dad owns a company that builds and designs shooting ranged but yet i have never shot a gun before... soooo he changed that. Funny thing is we have no picture evidence of me ever shooting the gun or being there at all actually ;)

We made a SNOWMAN! it's definately a Nate snowman notice the eyes and the nose ect. you'll understand. Building a snowman was not as easy as i remember it being when i was little the ones i remembered making were nice and round and the one kinda struggled... but it was still fun
These are some of the fun little events we've been up to this winter.


Taxes are WONDERFUL okay okay tax RETURNS are wonderful. We were able to do great things with our tax return this year we were starting to get behind on bills and our now ahead and saving more a month. We were able to get new TIRES for Nate's truck we he loves <3 We baught a Wii with Mario Party 8 to go with it. ( we love that game) and best of all Nate got me a DIAMOND RING :) diamonds are a girls best friend. Besides her husband that is ;)


This year for VALENTINES since it was our first one, not only as a MARRIED couple but as a couple all together, Nate and i decided to kinda well go all out. We booked ourselves a one night ROMANTIC get away at the Marriot on right by temple square and booked a reservation at The ROOF. We got up their pretty early saturday afternoon so we headed out to go see me movie we ended up seeing Dear John.. good but not my favorite.. Right outside our hotel their was an ICE SKATING RINK!! So since we still had time to kill before we even well I even needed to start getting ready we decided to go ICE SKATING!!! :D Nate was pretty entertaining he kept showing me the cool tricks he could do after watching this girl we was doing jumps and twirls and such..
These are the BEAUTIFUL flowers Nate had delievered to me while we were at dinner.. he's so sweet :D my favorites