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December 26, 2011

Our Christmas Celebration 2011

For Christmas Eve this year we decided to do something different than usual. Instead of going to one of our parents houses we invited my Mom to ours! We baked a ham, and had some mashed potatoes and corn.. YUM. I also made some Sugar Cookies to leave for Santa :) We gave a plate of them to my mom.. Apparently they were really good her and my Stad were fighting over them on the way home. My mom is not a big game player but we played a couple rounds of Buzz Word ( which Brent is AMAZING at ) while Nate and Brianna played with her Christmas present.. Super Mario Bros Wii.

This is the one we got for ourselves
This one for Morgan & Jenna
Nate and i started a tradition of getting ourselves 2 ornaments a year which we have loved doing. ( one personalized and one that describes something that happened that year )  and so we decided to share that this year and get one for his two brothers that got married the same year as us.

This one for Austin & Larissa

 We gave out some other fun gifts which included...
For Brianna

For Dave & Alexis + Babysitting

To Lola

To ourselves!

To Mom & Brent
To Michael
To Madison
And MANY more.... 

Christmas Morning... Nate woke up at the butt crack of dawn!!! Just kidding it was 7 am but still... We had a very busy day so we really needed to be up that early. We spent lots of time with both of our families it was good to see everyone Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without lots of family. 
Guess we were good this year SANTA CAME!

Very early morning!

Nate opened a box full of WRAPPED presents!
The after math...

He was shocked??
Grace enjoying her BOXES

Our Christmas Collection.. We SCORED
Katelyn's STUFF!

Nate's STUFF!
Katelyn's CAKE STUFF

Our baby!
Be a GRINCH! Remember that Christmas doesn't come from a store.. It means something more!

December 23, 2011

Early Christmas in Park City

This trip unfortunately did NOT go as planned... We always do Christmas with my Dad a week or two early, usually a weekend getaway of some sort. He would rather have lots of time of his own on a "fake Christmas" than a squished one on the real day and trying to get all of us together is hard enough as it is. Which is fine because i already feel like going to two houses is NUTS!
This years trip happened to land on the same week that Nate was at school, which we thought was GREAT because he would be done early and we could just head right up! BUT... His Aunt Rhonda's furnace went out earlier that week and i noticed she had commented about it on her facebook. I had Nate call and see if everything was ok and if there was anything we could do for her. Her furnace was 14 YEARS OLD and was completely dead. So poor Nate changed out a furnace before we headed up there. Our plan was to leave for Park City and 12 noon instead we got there at 12 midnight. Once we finally got some food and some sleep we were ready for the next day. Which was full of family, games and Walmart trips :) ( last min christmas shopping anyone?)  Nate convinced our nephew Austin that his name was Barry... Apparently Nate asked him what his name was and Austin stalled so AJ decided to help him out by whispering BARRY.. He is now Uncle Barry...
 Saturday night we drove BACK down to Pleasant Grove for my work Christmas party which was way fun and worth coming back for! We won a really nice poker chip set... which i think we are going to exchange for a popcorn maker... yum :)   Sadly i woke up Sunday morning SOOO sick! I basically missed all of Christmas. Nate got to spend the whole day watching sports with my family.. lucky him.

December 20, 2011

Festival of Trees

I finally was able to drag Nate to the festival of trees this year. They are GORGEOUS trees...but  LOTS of trees.. we gave up after about an hour but took some pictures!