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November 13, 2010

Crafting Addiction!

OK so it took me forever to finally find my niche that wasn't going to cost me a forchen! I really wanted to do cakes and probably still will on request it just costs to much to have it as a hobby unfortunately :( But since i started working at Crafters Corner in American Fork I am really loving those kinds of crafts! I'm really good at it and I enjoy doing it. Its doing things like painting wood kits and adding embellishments onto them to make them just right.. I LOVE seeing the finished products and knowing I did that! I'm currently working on a cute Welcome sign crafts each month there is are different dangles that hang from it! It is so cute I'm excited to finish is and get it up! This month for November the dangles are a TURKEY, a PIE, a LEAF, a PUMPKIN, and a CORN. It kinda sounds funny but it is so cute! When I finish it I will post a picture! Decembers is cute as well but I wont spoil that for a little while :)

November 9, 2010

My 20 Birthday!! ( and Recap of 19)

OK for those of you who don't already know BiRtHdaYs have NEVER been a super big deal to me.. well in our household on November 2... here is why we have 3 BiRtHdaYs that day.. ME  20 ... My Dad  51. and my sister Brianna 5.. So its hard to make a big deal that is YOUR day... When really it is there day too..

So last year ( my 19) was the first BiRtHdaY Nate and I had been together for and he was determined to make it a great one! I was in school and he was traveling for work every week some how he managed to be home that week for my birthday. It was hard having him gone so honestly all I wanted for my birthday was for him to be home and to be with me. It was a Monday so I didn't have school so he had 2 of my friends entertain me all day they took me to Brick Oven and made them sing to me!!! ( Its on facebook FYI) Then they hung out with me until Nate got home to cook me a surprise dinner. He even decorated the house!

This YEAR was even better! (and not just because he is home ALL the time!) Nate had been asking me what i wanted, and  what i wanted to do on my birthday for a couple weeks!!! I had alot of time to plan I finally decided I wanted dinner at home and to go to a movie.. sounds simple.. but it was beyond perfect!! I slept in and went to work for a couple hours. Nate's mom stopped by shortly after i got home to give me some head band and a card with some green in it :) Even though I didn't know that until Nate got home.. He got home and let me open the rest of my presents he got me this GORGEOUS heart necklace and a black pea coat :) just what i wanted. We played games made dinner, got a death by chocolate cake from Costco with raspberries and then headed to the movie we saw "Life as we know it" it was really cute.

Birthday dinner at my moms house wasn't until thursday because I had work on Wednesday night. Brent aka Stad made his yummy pasta and we had salad and rolls. They gave me more presents which I was very grateful for! A new colorwonder coloring book (mine is filling up) birthday sented bubble baths and a gift card to Hobby Lobby one of my new favorite stores! My dad gave me some birthday money I feel pretty rich..

I think I'm starting to enjoy birthdays again. So THANK YOU Nate your plan is working! And I am no longer a teen.. goodbye..i don't think i will miss you..

October 17, 2010

Serious Animal Problems!

So our animals problems started small and didn't seem like much Nate was mowing the lawn and ran over a snake it died no big deal.. we were WRONG a couple days later I walked out to the shed to put something away and i saw ANOTHER snake!!! Goodness GRACIOUS!! For anyone who knows me and my past with snakes this wasn't exactly a pleasant visit if you don't know the story there was a slip n' slide incident when i was young.. Then during conference weekend Nate and I were doing some yard work and he killed TWO more i repeat TWO more that is a total of FOUR SNAKES for those of you who weren't keeping count.. So THEN we get back from the cabin and are putting things away and i was walking towards Nate in the kitchen and i thought a sock or something had fallen on the ground i walked closer and it started to run away it was a MOUSE!!! I freaked out!!! Pretty sure we are going to be borrowing a CAT from my mother this week if the many traps we set out tonight don't catch anything in a few days. Seriously grossed out right now...

October 11, 2010

Anniversary: Year 1 Complete

Nate and I had our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY :)  We took a long weekend and headed down to St George. We left Wednesday night after work and stopped in Beaver and this little diner that Nate had been talking about it was so cute the perfect small town home cooking diner. We spent the night in Parawon watching movies and playing in the pool. Unforchenately i woke up with a horrible head cold i kept waking up that night having to blow my nose and it just kept getting worse i was miserable! I tried everything we could think of to try to give me some relief but nothing worked :( Thursday we stopped in Cedar City to get some fishing line and then headed up to the much talked about Cabin and FISHING POND it was kinda windy and things were blowing around we started losing some of our supplies Nate asked me to go grab it ( he had a fish on his line) sadly i slid down the hill and couldn't stop i twisted my ankle REALLY bad which was just the topper of the day... luckily when we finally got to St George my luck started getting better. The next morning i started feeling better and was able to relax and spend time with my wonderful husband. Friday night we had tickets for Tarzan at the Tuachan it was a great show!! We are going to go down next year to see The Little Mermaid i'm super excited, although we probably wont be going for our anniversary. I'm glad we were able to spend our anniversary relaxing together it was just what we needed :)

Hunting Year 1 Weekend 1&2

Well this past weekend the Elk Hunt started and Nate and I headed to the Jensen Cabin. It was my first time to the cabin and I was really excited! I figured since Nate would  be hunting most of the time so I packed lots of things to do! Little did I know Nate would be done hunting in the mornings around the time I woke up! It was great, he got to do his hunting and I still got to spend the weekend with him. Uncle Kelly made DELICIOUS food and we played lots of card games, we even went for a four wheeler ride. I had a great weekend and can't wait for my next Jensen Cabin trip :) Which happens to be next weekend :)

Weekend 2 was very similar except there was no Uncle Kelly making delicious for it was me making alright, normal food compared to his!! We took Friday off and left Thursday night. I left Saturday morning to be back in time for my good friend Hailey's Wedding in The Salt Lake Temple. Nate was going to come home
Sunday night but surprised me Saturday evening.. I left my phone in the car and came back out and I had a missed call I was so upset cause reception down there only works when you are standing in one spot and I knew he wouldn't still be standing there so i thought I missed my one phone call but then a text came saying "Where are you?!" and I knew he was home! I hurried home to see him! It was a well welcomed surprise!

Camping, Fishing, Shooting Mishabs

We've had a fun last couple weeks! FULL of random fun and craziness! Our first camping adventure ever happened about a month ago Nate and I went to STRAWBERRY RESERVOIR needless to say it was filled with more MISHABS than anything else.. We took a little duck boat so that we could go fishing.. We drifted so far out it took us about an hour to paddle back in! The BUGS were ridiculous I felt like i was being eaten alive the entire time!We were both CRANKY from not sleeping at all the night before because it was SOOO COLD and I swear when i get could i have to pee like 10 times more!  But the trip was called short when Nate wondered into some POISON IVY! Needless to say my first camping experience with Nate was not a great one but hey they can't all be perfect right?

FISHING has been a lot more fun! We've been going up to PAYSON LAKES we always have luck there we have NEVER not caught a FISH the biggest down fall is that i always get car sick on the way up.. stupid windy roads.. Nate taught me how to put the HOOK on my own line :) maybe because he got sick of doing it for me but either way as long as he is still my LITTLE FISH BOY and takes the fish off and puts bait back on for me i will put my own hook on. He even taught me how to crack my sunflower seeds instead of just eating them whole.

We went CAMPING again with Morgan, Jenna, Larrisa and Austin. We went to PAYSON LAKES at a camp site unlike the first time.. maybe thats the key use camp sites who knew... This time i was prepared for the cold night ahead we took SLEEPING BAGS this time and zipped them up together so that our body head would keep each other WARM it worked! Thank goodness.. little surprise too.. I've been allergic to hot dogs my entire life everyone knows this about me that night i had a TURKEY dog and didn't get sick!!! I guess i can now join in when everyone else gets one! YES!!!

We went SHOT GUN SHOOTING again.. This time i didn't get the giant bruise like i did last time! We went with Nate's good friend James and his girlfriend Whitney she's a sweetheart and Mark one of Nate's other friends. We had alot of fun we actually got a picture of me even if it wasnt me actually shooting though.. Nate forgot to take one again.. hahahaha

August 15, 2010

Craft Stores

I have a new obsession with Craft Stores! (okay okay i lied) Its not really new it just recently sparked my interest again. Decorating your house should NOT cost a fortune ESPECIALLY if you don't absolutely LOVE it! That's why I love CRAFT STORES you can buy such things as unfinished woods, signs that are ALWAYS on sale, and simple things to just DIY. Nate and I have been brainstorming the type of decorations we want to eventually have..( I have a pretty big wish list right now) But whats great is I have been to these craft stores and know GREAT people who are able to make things and will TEACH you! I'm going to be able to put GORGEOUS decorations and seasonal decorations for a FRACTION of the cost! And because you are doing it yourself its COMPLETELY 100% your style you don't have to waist time looking for that perfect shade of red. Now the secret is finding a job so i have money to do these things!

July 16, 2010

DIY Projects

Working harddoing my part
As you can tell we've been doing a lot of updating in our quaint little house.
I'll put up before and afters eventually.

Bowling Night

Date night was a little different this last weekend I was house sitting for my mom so my sister tagged along and well she kicked our butts... in the first game at least.

 We topped the night off with some Cold Stone ice cream :)

Mr Fix it!

So my breaks were squeaking really bad so after work one day Nate changed them for me he's such a good Mr. Fix it :)  He even let me help...

See look I helped!!

Looks like a bad rotter to me :) Thanks for fixing it Nate.

June 20, 2010

"Future" Fathers Day

For Nate,
       I know you aren't a father yet but I wanted to take a moment to tell you how excited I am that I GET to be the mother of your children and how grateful I am that they get to have a father like you! The truest HAPPINESS in life is shared with the ones you LOVE and in our life together you will give me a lifetime of SMILES, LAUGHTER, TRUST and TENDERNESS and more happy MEMORIES than i can even begin to count. You'll always be the most important person to me because you'll always be the ONE I LOVE.

                       Forever yours.. Katelyn

Strawberry Days

This weekend in Pleasant Grove was Strawberry Days it includes a Carnival, Parade and of coarse a RODEO. Nate and I had a blast! Nate got home from school early since it was test day so we headed over to the carnival and he won me a cute little monkey. Friday we got to borrow Nate's old bike from Clark so we took a long bike ride and rode a couple rides at the carnival but mostly just drove the bike around.. wow i miss that bike!! Saturday we took Nate's brothers to the rodeo with us we had a blast Nate and I LOVE the Rodeo! 


This weekend Nate's good friend was getting married in Denver so we thought we would take a little weekend get away and drive out there. Little did we know it would be raining the ENTIRE time. The drive took longer than expected because of the HUGE amount of rain, that basically didn't ever stop down pouring on us. Well and the fact that the drivers from Colorado have no concept of the purpose of the left lane....Besides the obvious set backs Nate and I had some good laughs. We played the tunnel game where you have to hold your breathe the entire time you are inside a tunnel.. Yea Nate's a little cheater pants!! He would purposely try and make me lose! One tunnel was REALLY long and he could tell that he wasn't going to make it so he stepped on the gas harder and I couldn't help but laugh!! Pretty sure by the end of the drive Nate and I were starting to see things because we swear we thought we were seeing a lake but the closer we got we realized that it was a giant blue building.. wow I guess you would of had to of been there... To end our trip we have both decided that neither of us would ever want to live in Colorado or Wyoming.. Utah may be better than we thought after all.

Lake Powell 2010

Lake Powell was amazing it was SUPER hot... unlike here.. Nate and I spent plenty of time doing fun water activities. WaveRunning, Tubing, Swimming, Nate did some WakeBoarding. We played lots of cards with the family which is always fun cause Nate and I win :) Nate did alot of driving around the boat while Madi Lola and Natalie tubed behind us they were pretty fun to watch. I didn't lay out nearly as much as I usually do which was shocking... but all in all I was sad to leave the sun and come home to the not warm weather here in Orem but I am excited to start hanging up pictures around my house since they finally arrived :D Gotta love DIY projects :) 

May 10, 2010

Our House

For those of you who don't already know yes we got a house and we are totally completely in love with it :) Kinda funny story we weren't exactly ready to start looking but last thursday while i was at work Nate texted me saying that he had found this cute little house with a yard that would be perfect for us we didnt know if it was going to be in our price range but we thought we would go take a look. Our landlord luckily was at the house and let us come in and look around we were VERY interested. We filled out an application and he got back to us the next day letting us know it was ours we moved in that monday!! So in one short weekend we saw it, got it, and our now living in it. Packing isn't exactly my activity thankfully it wasn't a long process we are already completely moved out of our apartment and fully unpacked in our new house :) Here are some pics..
I was going to add pictures of the inside but since i've already added a bunch and this post will  be huge i figured when i finish all my decorarting plans i will compare the two on here :)

April 15, 2010

Our First Year

A year ago today at about 5:30 i got a text from Nate. We went on OUR FIRST DATE that night. Who would have thought that date would have lead to all of this... :D

I never knew how much you could honestly love someone until Nate showed me. I can't believe the person i strive to be because of him. He is my best friend and my eternal companion what girl could ever ask for more?