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August 15, 2010

Craft Stores

I have a new obsession with Craft Stores! (okay okay i lied) Its not really new it just recently sparked my interest again. Decorating your house should NOT cost a fortune ESPECIALLY if you don't absolutely LOVE it! That's why I love CRAFT STORES you can buy such things as unfinished woods, signs that are ALWAYS on sale, and simple things to just DIY. Nate and I have been brainstorming the type of decorations we want to eventually have..( I have a pretty big wish list right now) But whats great is I have been to these craft stores and know GREAT people who are able to make things and will TEACH you! I'm going to be able to put GORGEOUS decorations and seasonal decorations for a FRACTION of the cost! And because you are doing it yourself its COMPLETELY 100% your style you don't have to waist time looking for that perfect shade of red. Now the secret is finding a job so i have money to do these things!