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October 17, 2010

Serious Animal Problems!

So our animals problems started small and didn't seem like much Nate was mowing the lawn and ran over a snake it died no big deal.. we were WRONG a couple days later I walked out to the shed to put something away and i saw ANOTHER snake!!! Goodness GRACIOUS!! For anyone who knows me and my past with snakes this wasn't exactly a pleasant visit if you don't know the story there was a slip n' slide incident when i was young.. Then during conference weekend Nate and I were doing some yard work and he killed TWO more i repeat TWO more that is a total of FOUR SNAKES for those of you who weren't keeping count.. So THEN we get back from the cabin and are putting things away and i was walking towards Nate in the kitchen and i thought a sock or something had fallen on the ground i walked closer and it started to run away it was a MOUSE!!! I freaked out!!! Pretty sure we are going to be borrowing a CAT from my mother this week if the many traps we set out tonight don't catch anything in a few days. Seriously grossed out right now...

October 11, 2010

Anniversary: Year 1 Complete

Nate and I had our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY :)  We took a long weekend and headed down to St George. We left Wednesday night after work and stopped in Beaver and this little diner that Nate had been talking about it was so cute the perfect small town home cooking diner. We spent the night in Parawon watching movies and playing in the pool. Unforchenately i woke up with a horrible head cold i kept waking up that night having to blow my nose and it just kept getting worse i was miserable! I tried everything we could think of to try to give me some relief but nothing worked :( Thursday we stopped in Cedar City to get some fishing line and then headed up to the much talked about Cabin and FISHING POND it was kinda windy and things were blowing around we started losing some of our supplies Nate asked me to go grab it ( he had a fish on his line) sadly i slid down the hill and couldn't stop i twisted my ankle REALLY bad which was just the topper of the day... luckily when we finally got to St George my luck started getting better. The next morning i started feeling better and was able to relax and spend time with my wonderful husband. Friday night we had tickets for Tarzan at the Tuachan it was a great show!! We are going to go down next year to see The Little Mermaid i'm super excited, although we probably wont be going for our anniversary. I'm glad we were able to spend our anniversary relaxing together it was just what we needed :)

Hunting Year 1 Weekend 1&2

Well this past weekend the Elk Hunt started and Nate and I headed to the Jensen Cabin. It was my first time to the cabin and I was really excited! I figured since Nate would  be hunting most of the time so I packed lots of things to do! Little did I know Nate would be done hunting in the mornings around the time I woke up! It was great, he got to do his hunting and I still got to spend the weekend with him. Uncle Kelly made DELICIOUS food and we played lots of card games, we even went for a four wheeler ride. I had a great weekend and can't wait for my next Jensen Cabin trip :) Which happens to be next weekend :)

Weekend 2 was very similar except there was no Uncle Kelly making delicious for it was me making alright, normal food compared to his!! We took Friday off and left Thursday night. I left Saturday morning to be back in time for my good friend Hailey's Wedding in The Salt Lake Temple. Nate was going to come home
Sunday night but surprised me Saturday evening.. I left my phone in the car and came back out and I had a missed call I was so upset cause reception down there only works when you are standing in one spot and I knew he wouldn't still be standing there so i thought I missed my one phone call but then a text came saying "Where are you?!" and I knew he was home! I hurried home to see him! It was a well welcomed surprise!

Camping, Fishing, Shooting Mishabs

We've had a fun last couple weeks! FULL of random fun and craziness! Our first camping adventure ever happened about a month ago Nate and I went to STRAWBERRY RESERVOIR needless to say it was filled with more MISHABS than anything else.. We took a little duck boat so that we could go fishing.. We drifted so far out it took us about an hour to paddle back in! The BUGS were ridiculous I felt like i was being eaten alive the entire time!We were both CRANKY from not sleeping at all the night before because it was SOOO COLD and I swear when i get could i have to pee like 10 times more!  But the trip was called short when Nate wondered into some POISON IVY! Needless to say my first camping experience with Nate was not a great one but hey they can't all be perfect right?

FISHING has been a lot more fun! We've been going up to PAYSON LAKES we always have luck there we have NEVER not caught a FISH the biggest down fall is that i always get car sick on the way up.. stupid windy roads.. Nate taught me how to put the HOOK on my own line :) maybe because he got sick of doing it for me but either way as long as he is still my LITTLE FISH BOY and takes the fish off and puts bait back on for me i will put my own hook on. He even taught me how to crack my sunflower seeds instead of just eating them whole.

We went CAMPING again with Morgan, Jenna, Larrisa and Austin. We went to PAYSON LAKES at a camp site unlike the first time.. maybe thats the key use camp sites who knew... This time i was prepared for the cold night ahead we took SLEEPING BAGS this time and zipped them up together so that our body head would keep each other WARM it worked! Thank goodness.. little surprise too.. I've been allergic to hot dogs my entire life everyone knows this about me that night i had a TURKEY dog and didn't get sick!!! I guess i can now join in when everyone else gets one! YES!!!

We went SHOT GUN SHOOTING again.. This time i didn't get the giant bruise like i did last time! We went with Nate's good friend James and his girlfriend Whitney she's a sweetheart and Mark one of Nate's other friends. We had alot of fun we actually got a picture of me even if it wasnt me actually shooting though.. Nate forgot to take one again.. hahahaha