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October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

Not much to say about Halloween, this year wasn't to exciting we did the normal! 
Stopped by to see Brianna who wasn't even in her costume yet!! Then headed to Janet's for the neighborhood trunk or treat.
 This year was different for costumes though Nate asked ME what we were being for HALLOWEEN what?!!
 No begging you to do it with me?! 
I guess i am finally starting to wear on him, and i guess it helps that i don't ask that he dress up like Peter Pan or something funny like that!
This year we were Little Red Riding Hood & The Big Bad Wolf!
YAY for home made costumes!

Molly was going to be a pumpkin but she was WAY to little for all of the ones at the store! 
SO we just got her a cute Halloween shirt to wear!

I also made some YUMMY Halloween Cookies!

He is going in for a kiss not to eat her! LOL

October 30, 2012

New Addition

So we did something slightly crazy.
I was innocently browsing some classifieds for puppies.
You know... just looking. I had already been in contact with a breeder and we were planning on waiting until spring to get a puppy.
I came across this add for an adorable little Malt-shi-poo (Maltese, Shih tzu, Poodle mix) 
So i did what anyone would do i came home and showed Nate what i had come across while browsing the web.
To my SHOCK!!! He said lets go look...  Let me tell you this- no one just looks at puppies.
I told Nate not to let me get one unless i was completely in love with it because i really was holding out for my pure breed Maltese.
 It was seriously love at first sight. 

A couple hours later she was heading home with us!

We can't get enough of this little pup.
She is ridiculously ADORABLE (in Brianna's words) loving, clumsy, curious, all wrapped in one. 
AND sometimes a little MONSTER but we love her dearly, how could you not?! 

She is the perfect little early birthday present!


First day!

Just cuddling!

Treyson loves to play!

Isaac loves to hug and kiss her!

Sleepy puppy

Out cold!