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October 21, 2013

Fall Fun!!

Cornbellys for date night.
Fall is my FAVORITE time of the year and sometimes Nate just gets dragged along for the ride! For the most part he is a good sport at letting me have all my fall fun! Although he has told me that i take Halloween way to serious.. I am okay with that! Hopefully one day my children will appreciate it!

Had my first HOMEMADE CARAMEL APPLE attempt... As you can see trial one was a big fat FAIL!!! I tried the Giada recipe from that i had watched her make on her show.. well hers looked better.  Then researched some tips and tricks and apparently cheap caramel unlike Giada's advice is not the way to go.. Peter's Caramel you are my new favorite! But since i am a perfectionist and i like my treats to not only taste great but looks great i needed a confidence booster so here are Sugar Cookies. 
This was my first try ever doing outlining and flooding with Royal Icing. Other than my arm wanting to fall of by the end i was pretty happy with my results!

I was also able to go to Hee Haws with my Mom and sisters. We had lots of fun! Even though it was cold and only my mom and I wanted to be there... 

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