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June 5, 2014

Home Owners At Last!

I got my wish!
We are moving!

I don't feel like Nate and i were really actively looking for a house it all just kind of happened on its own. We both were always on reality website looking at properties getting ideas for our future house seeing what was out there. That week Nate and i both had been sending each other more MLS# more than usual. He sent me one Friday afternoon that he had received in his email and told me to take a look. I don't know what his thoughts really were the first time he looked at it. But as i was scrolling through the MANY photos that listings normally don't have. I was trying to figure out what was standing out to him instead of actually looking for me. As i got to the yard and the deck i started to get his picture. So that's when i started back at the beginning of the photos looking for myself. I have gotten to the point when i look at photos now from all my extensive time watching Property Brothers ( BEST SHOW EVER!!) I take down walls add new things here and there. Which has probably made me a lot less picky in my house buying process cause i can see a bigger picture than what is already there. Anyways through out the weekend we kept looking back at those photos talking about the things we liked and wanted to update. We even drove out to the neighborhood to see if we liked it. WE NEVER DID STUFF LIKE THIS EVER!! Finally we decided to see if we could even get qualified so we could get it out of our systems. To both of our surprise we did! So we set up an appointment to actually go and see the house. I new i wouldn't be completely ok with the idea of only ever looking at one house so we picked a couple others too. The first one we went to was a MEGA disappointment just pulling into the neighborhood and seeing the house i knew it wasn't for me. We looked anyways and i hated the ENTIRE house. The second house was the house we had been watching for a couple days we knew exactly where it was and were super excited to go and finally look through it. It did not disappoint we did get a little nervous with how many other Realtor cards were on the table from showing that had happened that day. We knew if we wanted we needed to jump on it. We put in an offer that next morning and it was accepted later that afternoon. Sadly this was at the beginning of April and our close date is not until the END of MAY. We still need to sell our double wide trailer. So we have been plenty busy. I never knew how long getting everything with the lender took, this has been the most nerve racking part of the entire thing! But we are officially approved and close on our house May 27.

Get ready for before and after project OVERLOAD!!

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  1. How exciting! I'm looking forward to your before and afters! You have such great taste. Congratulations!!